Testimonial 02

“Blue Code installed our network devices for the entire family and the professionalism and depth to their service exceeded our expectations.  We have used other computer consultants in the past and there is no comparison.  Blue Code follows up immediately with any issue or problem that might arise and always solves the problem.  Blue Code is also incredibly informed as to what the latest equipment on the market might be as well as any upgrades or replacements we might need to make.  Our family has a home in Florida as well and Blue Code was able to get us up and running remotely, again, always available if a problem should arise.

There are many reasons as to why we have worked with Blue Code for so many years, from their knowledge in the field to their customer service to just being nice people!  But the most significant reason that we will continue to work with Blue Code is being able to trust Samir Patel.  Samir takes great pride in Blue Code and he operates his company with the utmost integrity and holds anyone that he hires to the same level of honesty and hard work.  Trust in this field is of absolute importance to our family and Blue Code has without a doubt earned our trust. 

As an example of the breadth of Blue Code's work, our three children all attend different Universities and Samir has been able to set each child up with exactly what they need for the school year whether it is a printer, laptop, program etc.   He is always available to assist their needs throughout the school year and can help with each year as they go onto the next grade.”