Testimonial 04

“I have known Samir for over 10 years since he installed the technology equipment in our newly built home. Since that time he - Blue Code - has been available whenever needed to assist when my technology deficiencies (and there are many) have needed help. He would purchase equipment - laptops, desktops, iPads - and set them up as well as provide personal instruction on how to use them.  Blue Code is available for remote assistance as well. I have never had a problem that they did not address promptly and no issue was ever too small - very much appreciated as sometimes that is exactly what many of my problems were to anyone who is computer savvy. We recently decided we needed an upgrade to our system.  Blue Code determined what we needed and purchased and installed everything in a timely and efficient manner - and at a fair price. They also interfaced with our provider Comcast - which can be a nightmare - to accomplish what we needed to be done and ended up saving us a good sum each month on our bill. They are full service.

I would highly recommend Blue Code to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, extremely capable, trustworthy, reliable source for their technology needs. They will never disappoint."